U.S. 操作

场航空 has more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering systems engineering and systems integration solutions to the U.S. 政府、航空航天和国防工业.

在航空领域, we also provide engineering expertise spanning aircraft operations and 航空电子设备, 测试计划和执行, 测试仪器的设计和配置, 电气及系统设计, 以及结构设计和修改.




航空领域 designs, modifies and certifies aircraft for specialized roles across the globe. Our expertise is the missionization of commercial platforms for search and rescue, 情报, surveillance and interdiction roles for both government and civilian customers.

We also develop system specific STCs for many different aircraft. Our capabilities include build-to-print parts 制造业 for aircraft OEMs and our own modifications. m88体育也是一家厂家授权维修, overhaul and sales center for many 航空电子设备 equipment manufacturers.


航空领域 has been providing specialized services to the international aerospace industry for over 70 years. Here is a look back at the evolution of FIELD and the major milestones we have passed along the way.

1947年,美国狩猎组织.K. 在加拿大安大略省创建了一家摄影调查公司. This business expanded through the purchase of Weston Aircraft of Oshawa, 安大略增加了设计, 制造业, service and maintenance capabilities in support of Photographic Survey Corporation and was renamed 航空领域.

不久之后, 在1950年代中期, we opened facilities at the international airports in Calgary and 多伦多. Our Calgary facility provided maintenance and support to the growing number of aircraft used in oil and gas explorations, while our 多伦多 facility specialized in taking standard transport aircraft and modifying them for special-purpose applications such as aerial photography and geophysical survey.


每十年都为菲尔德带来了新的能力. 整个七八十年代, we became internationally recognized as the foremost expert in reclaiming and repairing accident-damaged aircraft - performing salvage operations on every continent from Canada's high Arctic to South America and Africa.

在90年代, its innovative aerospace engineering capabilities ushered in a new era with aircraft fire-fighting systems 和修改服务. 这些服务包括修复, 货物转换和内部重新配置, as well as major air frame inspections and aircraft painting. 除了, in 1994, 航空领域 was selected as the special mission modifier for the Australian Coastwatch Dash 8 program.

到21世纪初, 航空领域 had achieved international acclaim for its wide range of capabilities in the modification of regional and business aircraft for missionized operations by designing, 制造业, 测试, certifying and delivering state-of-the-art missionized aircraft. 1992年至2017年间, 航空领域 has been involved in the creation of 45 special mission aircraft.


In 2011, 卡尔加里公司停止了MRO业务, transferred the interior reconfiguration activity to 多伦多, and focused on 制造业 build-to-print parts and sub-assembly work for major OEM’s such as Bombardier, 海盗和波音公司, 在一个新的77,000 sq. ft. 设施就在机场附近.

野战航空成为美国航空工业的重要组成部分.S. 公司

大约一年后的2012年,一家私人持有的美国航空公司.S. company, Amavco 改名为战地航空航天, acquired 航空领域 from Hunting. 场航空 retained 航空领域’s senior management and invested in its Canadian operations driving business improvements.   

Field Completes Acquisition of ARINC Aerospace Systems 工程 & 罗克韦尔-柯林斯公司的支持.S. 操作

In 2015, 场航空 then acquired ARINC Aerospace Systems 工程 and 支持 (ASES LLC) in Oklahoma City from Rockwell Collins, 扩大其修改, maintenance and sustainment capabilities into the United States. ase的加入, 改名为战地航空航天, brought more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering systems engineering and integration solutions to the U.S. 政府、航空航天和国防工业. 除此之外,还有许多经验丰富的员工, 并拥有机库及生产设施共计350余处,000 sq. ft.

ASES was formed in 1990 when ARINC established this business unit, 在俄克拉荷马城, 俄克拉荷马和华纳罗宾斯, 格鲁吉亚支持美国.S. Airforce with Contractor Logistics 支持 and upgrade programs. These included the installation of the first FAA approved military GPS receiver and flight management system in C-5, C-9, E-4, and KC-10 aircraft as well as engineering support with the C-130 and KC-135 项目管理 Office.

By 2001, ASES had opened its first hangar facility at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma to perform NVIS modifications and a cockpit upgrade on aircraft for South America. In 2003 ASES provided international support on 航空电子设备 modernization for the Netherlands KDC-10 tankers to meet European Airspace Requirements, 由于其他项目的增长, moved to a larger hangar at Sundance Airpark to modify Cessna Citation and C-26 aircraft.

By 2007, 随着飞机相关业务的扩大, ASES built a new hangar facility at 威尔罗杰斯世界机场 in Oklahoma City. This site was part of the acquisition by 场航空 and remains in its current Oklahoma City location providing engineering expertise in aircraft operations, 结构和系统设计, 航空电子设备, 电气系统, 仪表和测试, 和修改服务.


今天,场航空在美国.S. and Canada, have over 500 employees across 4 North American locations. With corporate offices in Cincinnati and engineering and 制造业 locations in Oklahoma City, 多伦多, 和卡尔加里, Field is increasingly well positioned to meet the needs of its global customer base. 作为市场革新者, we're committed to constantly meeting new requirements and technological opportunities by always adapting to embrace the dramatic changes the world of aviation has undergone.